DirectoryApp 2018

DirectoryApp is a business directory script written in PHP but can also be used as a classifieds script, depending on your needs.

Features Overview

Custom Fields

DirectoryApp allows you to create “Custom Fields” on a category level or create global custom fields. For example, you can create a “Delivery (yes/no)” field and it shows up only for listings in the “Food” category. Or you can create a “Free Wi-fi” field to let users search for listings that offer free wi-fi. Custom fields can be required/optional and also searchable.

Monetize Your Directory

Flexible pricing plans allows you to create one time payments as well as monthly subscriptions.

Create Pages

You can create static pages on the back end. It’s useful for things like “About Us”, “Terms and Conditions”, “Policy”, “FAQ” pages.

Page Speed

According to Google, pages must load within 1000ms.

Now here’s a result of a page load test for this script installed on a shared hosting account (960ms):!/bdcpGw/

Try testing each one of the scripts that you’re interested in, to see if they can load each page around 1000ms. You can use for testing as it’s one of the more popular tools used by site owners and SEOs.

Admin Demo

The admin demo is installed on another URL, for now located on the address below:

pass: 1234

Known bugs

This section will be constantly updated with known bugs existing in the latest version.


file: plugins/custom_fields/user-form-block.php
bug: 2 instances of php short tags (<? instead of <?php) detected in this file. This could cause problems in certain server configurations. Will affect displaying custom fields in forms such as create/edit listing. Fix available, just replace ’<?’ with ’<?php’ near lines 225 and 335 or ask for replacement file.

User Guide

Please access the user guide at:

Latest Version

Version 1.08 (14/MARCH/2017)



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